Will Ignorance in Political Marketing ever stop?

Political parties DESERVE to lose elections!

Turn on any talkback radio at the moment and you’ll quickly hear some politician talking about the up-coming election… or you’ll hear an election advertisement.

It is a source of current frustration to me, my peers, and others who ‘know’, that politicians waste millions on shockingly amateur advertising messages, destructive ones, or counter productive ones.

Amazingly, it is NOT uncommon to hear a Polly talk about the “Liberal brand” or the “Labor brand” when they exhibit absolutely NO understanding of brand management, brand equity, brand positioning, or and other sophisticated marketing tool.

My personal view is also coloured by a member of the NSW Liberal Party telling me they have their brand marketing under full control and that “we know what we’re doing” when their laughable marketing efforts have been so powerful in keeping them OUT of office when had they done nothing they would have been in power three terms ago.

Almost every day, you’ll hear a politician ‘break’ branding rules yet they continue to spend frivolously on advertising when they could save millions by accepting that professional marketers know much more than ego-driven lawyers ado about marketing.

I suppose it is simply the observed clichés of life being proven over and over again… “Pride cometh before a fall”… “Only a fool knows everything” are two that spring to mind…

Published by Leigh Cowan

If you have a passion and enthusiasm for the art and science of strategic marketing and management, spawned from academic findings that work in commercial situations, we should get on fine! ;-) Check out http://leaderepiphany.com.au/

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