New product development for the Dyson guy

OK – where the hell is Mr. Dyson when you need him?

2 jobs I’d allocate to the inventive designer who re-thought the vacuum cleaner and designed a fan less fan are these:

1. A new fishing line: Lay-fishermen like me are already nodding their heads… reminiscing about tangled balls of fishing wire, that scene from “Something About Mary, with the fish hook” and the shudder of threat to deficit male egos when someone suggests fishing for a weekend activity. We need to dump long sticks that can create havoc when carried & stored, reels that no one really understands, and accidents waiting to happen with hooks. We need to solve the dilemma of adding/removing weight, and floats, and replacing hooks when those rocks eat ours for no apparent reason. It would also be helpful to see the fish taking a bite 🙂

2. Whipper-snipper, nylon wire edgers just NEVER seem to feed properly. It’s a hassle changing the wire, but the frequent break INSIDE the wire unit means frustrating stops for digging it out and starting again.

How do others feel – any other ideas for Mr. Dyson?

Published by Leigh Cowan

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