Product Launch is so important, so why isn’t it taken seriously?

Product launch and winning marketing strategies are critical to the future of business… people’s lives are realistically at threat if it goes wrong.
Yet I frequently observe people asking for free marketing advice over a social networks … do they REALLY believe this is the most sensible way to beat a path to success?
For me, its madness, but THOUSANDS of people do it… am I missing something?
Should we expect people to soon start asking their Facebook friends how to remove their own appendix? Or fill their own teeth?
We’ve witnessed the inefficiencies of those who try to do their own tax returns, their own legal representation, their own car repairs… yet executives who should know better appear to be ignorant of the lunacy in making marketing decisions without the benefit of qualifications and years of experience.
Often, my firm gets approached by companies on the verge of destruction… desperate for a quick fix… all too late and angry at the world… when its really this arrogant belief that they can make their own marketing decisions without the benefit of postgraduate specialisations or decades of specific hands=on practice.
While big, and successful companies, empower themselves with marketing methods that are proven, and marketing people who are savvy, SME’s continue to stride deliberately for quicksand, and then wonder why they find themselves gasping for their last breaths.
Is there a way to break this trend? I love to rescue those about to repeat this profound and common mistake….

Published by Leigh Cowan

If you have a passion and enthusiasm for the art and science of strategic marketing and management, spawned from academic findings that work in commercial situations, we should get on fine! ;-) Check out

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