Add Advanced Strategic Marketing & TV could be saved

TV could be saved and become the world’s leading mass market medium again – much more powerful than the Internet with a simple innovation.

Yes it would take a level of managerial preparedness and adoption of change, but only that necessary as has evolved in the face of needs of viewers and of advertisers…

Television stations and networks could again become volcanos of spectacular ROI and supernormal profits… flush with funds and dynamic, energetic, inspirational business organisations leading enterprise, not smarting in it.


As detailed in a previous discussion, TV senior management have mismanaged product management: They have created the unnecessary demise of free to air TV as the ideal mass marketing medium for advertisers, and the medium of choice for entertainment for households.

With some ego-left-at-the-door collaboration and creative effort between strategists (like me) and industry specialists, shareholders and financiers, backed by dedicated support of the Board of Directors, TV could skyrocket in commercial influence, share of leisure time of consumers, and leadership of socio/cultural norms beyond the imaginations of the existing industry.

It never fails to amaze me that industries so closely reliant upon advanced marketing management, are so reluctant to utilise and apply the tools and science that they have so often observed to work miracles.
I’d be thrilled if someone could explain why Channel Ten has thrown out a tender to help it save it business? Corporate arrogance? Embarrassment? Shame? Ignorance? It defied rational and common sense to not call for help when you are in trouble… only the most stubborn of executives must captain their ship onto the rockets and refuse to call mayday…
The TV industry could very well end up alongside `horse and buggies as a quaint historical notion… such a shame when, turned NOW, could stand again as the unchallengeable number one choice for entertainment of the masses.

Published by Leigh Cowan

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