Is China a real threat? If so, is it a good or bad threat?

How bad is the China issue?

Many countries are pondering China’s purpose. Fear is rising.

Chinese money is everywhere. They own ports, farms, mines, airports, big brand companies, supply chains and lots and lots of property and real estate everywhere!

Is there Evil Intent by China?

Is it an economic invasion?

If so, are adequate responses from around the world worthy of those nations?

The USA’s answer is tariffs. Australia’s answer is to avoid talking about it. The Philippines are grateful for anyone’s money. In any country, corruption is easy when public servants aren’t paid enough, or adequate controls are absent.

The question remains, is it some great plan of China to control the world?

The Chinese self-perception is one of entitlement… they deserve to rule. Many Chinese possess a racist belief that they are superior to every other nationality, and the only justification for other nationalities is to serve China’s interests.

Recently a book was published by a Chinese immigrant to Australia that bemoans the perceived injustice of racial discrimination by white Australian’s but ignores the complete absence of human rights for non-Chinese that risk visiting, let alone living, in China. (Gaol first, questions later.)

Chinese don’t seem to be able to embrace empathy with much vigour. 😦

Perhaps this is how Mao Zedong could let 36,000,000 people starve to death for his Great Leap Forward.

I hope there is no Great Leap Forward planned for the future!

My first taste of China was while it was a closed country, and I was on a trade mission. Before they learned “spin”, I saw the real “id” and it was scary! But then I see the social progress in modern-day social behaviour and I wonder if enough Chinese will risk their lives to stand in front of tanks to protect human rights as they did in Tiananmen Square?

Is it a Non-Military Strategy?

The world bows to the wisdom of the great Chinese military genius of the 500BC strategist, Sun Tzu. Many Chinese learn, and follow, the teachings of their past. Sun Tzu said,

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Is China’s employing this strategy?

Would it be so bad?

Let’s face it, other leadership hasn’t done the world that much good… look at their record:

  • 1% of the world’s population own 99% of the wealth.
  • Brazil is illegally burning off the Amazon forests.
  • The EEC is breaking down.
  • 1000 children die a day in Africa of starvation – ignored by the western world.
  • The Pacific Ocean is choking on plastic.
  • The world constantly loses the war on drugs despite huge funding.
  • People trafficking and modern-day slavery still exists in many forms.
  • The internet has only served to confuse and irritate with everything from fake news to narcissistic selfies.

There are arguments that a Chinese leadership might be just as bad… so what’s the difference. It might also be better.

I am reminded of the quote (source unknown), “You get the leadership you deserve”

So, if our own leaders fail us – it’s our fault.

And if we end up with Chinese dominated leadership, whose fault is that?

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