The Missing Skill of a chief human resources officer (CHRO) or chief people officer (CPO)?

The Co-dependency Between HR, Recruitment & Marketing

The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis Remains – Why?

Yes, 60+% of employees are unengaged: 50% of them due to their boss, 34% because they don’t know or understand their employer’s mission & vision! BUT is this because 95% of leaders do not know the true meaning of #marketing?

Ideally, all leaders and executive recruiters SHOULD understand the proper definition of the word, “Marketing”, and the Hierarchies of Marketing. Not only are the two related concepts lynch-pins in organizational management, but they are also are crucial to CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. This knowledge assures leaders of a profound means of developing talent in the workplace for immediate productivity gains as well as succession evolution.

Marketing is NOT a synonym for Promotion

The great error some make is defining “Marketing” as meaning “promotion” or “advertising”, “smoke and mirrors, or “waffle and PR”, which only creates a whole world of pain for many executives.

Marketing is the holistic integrated management of the codependent dynamics of exchange

Both internal and external recruiters, who want to be professional as well as draft job profiles that attract A1 quality candidates, need to understand the real meaning of “Marketing”. It is the key to discerning between fast talkers without appropriate skills or productive marketing-proficient performers.

The “Right” Marketing Appointment

THE FIRST STEP in recruiting the PERFECT Marketing Executive means determining whether the role requires Administrative, Operational, Managerial or Strategic skills.

Do you want tasks done expertly with great attention to detail? That’s an Administrative marketer.

Do you want tactics developed that support and achieve your strategies? That’s an Operational role.

Do you need creative approaches to development of Marketing Objectives, incorporating new product development, pricing, channel management, marcomms coordination and control, market research, sales management, process strategy, positions, segmentation strategy, customer experience management, etc. This is the domain of a Managerial marketer?

How about corporate reputation, merger and acquisition, corporate branding, brand portfolio, market development, industry and competitive strategic governance, or to undertake an IPO? Now you’re looking for a Strategic Marketer.

The Hierarchies of Marketing provides a structure for these tiers on the broad universe of marketing and marketing talent.

Companies should no more be operated on by unqualified marketers than people should be operated on by unqualified surgeons.

Because many corporations have not understood this distinction… marketing personnel with admin skills have been pushed into more senior roles for which they are not suited, let alone qualified… and corporations have paid steeply for this error!

If you who want to know more, I put together an easy to read e-book that was first published in 2014 and is now in its 2nd edition… used across Europe as a text in some universities and a reference book in business schools and large corporations.

You can find it at…

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