A Lighter Side Look at Management Terms*

Delegate: Pass the buck

Pending: What the hell do we do with this?

Delayed: Forgotten

Urgent: Panic

Extreme Urgency: Blind Panic

Frank and open discussion: Flaming row

Analytical projection: Guess

Forecast: Guess

Long Range Forecast: Wild guess

Scheduled: Hoped for

Deficiency Analysis: Pointing the finger

Ambitious: Ruthless

Strategy: Low cunning

Shrewd: Devious

Profit: Profit

Profit before tax: Loss

Deficit: Staggering Loss

Industrial by-product: Our waste

Environmental pollution: Other people’s waste

Pilfering: Theft by employee

Fringe benefit: Theft by executive

Terminal payment: Golden handshake

Supplementary statistical information: Padding

  • Source Unknown

Published by Leigh Cowan

If you have a passion and enthusiasm for the art and science of strategic marketing and management, spawned from academic findings that work in commercial situations, we should get on fine! ;-) Check out http://leaderepiphany.com.au/

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