A World Authority on Marketing & Business Strategy

As a toddler, when asked what he wanted to do when he grow up, Leigh would answer “I want to be a time and efficiency expert”.

Capitalising on the Whitlam era of free tertiary education, Leigh studied Commerce (Marketing) at University (UNSW) for 13 years (part-time); studying extra, optional marketing subjects as well as delving into HR, IT, psychology, law, accounting and finance.

Inadvertently, or perhaps subconsciously, the little boy educated himself into a time & efficiency expert, at night, while demonstrating prowess in the corporate world as well as an entrepreneur, during the day.

In the 70’s he carved out a name as a dynamic sales manager and business strategist, managing teams as large as 120 people and expanding his employers’ wealth along the way. [Leigh sheepishly tells an anecdote of how his determination to rise in the business world made him refuse to join the Wiggles, despite the pleadings of Anthony Field (the blue Wiggle)… and how he dismissed Mel Gibson’s promise to buy Leigh a Ferrari for being a ‘pal’.]

In the 80’s Leigh became known as an expert in FMCG when he grew sales promotions company to national stardom and led the industry in advanced methods of product sampling. He was even invited to the world HQ of P&G to present methods and findings there. In 1983, Leigh conceived the re-launch strategy for My Dog after it’s initial failure to launch… setting the foundation for a brand that has held a market dominant position for over 30 years!

In 1987 the marketing industry recognised Leigh’s profound efforts with accreditation as an Associate Fellow to the Australian Marketing Institute. B&T magazine selected Leigh for it’s inaugural “Marketing Profile” in 1991.

After graduating, during his tenure as Marketing manager for the NSW DMT, he achieved growth from $4M to $22M in launch and marketing management of number plates.

Hungry for adventure, Leigh set off overseas. During a stint in the UK he helped a FMCG company increase its market share 6-fold in under 18 months, knocking the mighty Mars Corporation on its backside AND found time to complete a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing Planning.

Leigh returned to Australia, again crippled Mars by stealing 12% of market share in a single test launch in just three months. [Leigh insists his biggest mistake ‘ever’… “I wasn’t sure just how successful my re-positioning strategy would be, but you should never bruise the market leader when you are a small player… because they’ll clobber you in retaliation.”]

Recruited as a consultant in the 1990’s he helped companies grow sales by as much as 50% in one year, successfully launched products for large national and international companies, prepared marketing plans for 3M, CSR, Colly Cotton, AGL, TNT, King Gee, Federal Publishing, the AMA and other significant businesses and sat of a myriad of Boards of both private and listed public companies.

After 2000, Leigh continued in Board-level management and fed his passion for fitness by launching and growing a national fitness company as bigger competitors fell by the wayside… he ALSO taught (part-time and between clients) MBA level marketing between 2003 until 2009.

Leigh is currently Managing Director of Launch Engineering, which specialises in new product development and launch, re-launch, and on-going marketing planning & strategy. They own a proprietary system for pre-launch assessment of product launch that (to date) has always successfully predicted the outcome of a product launch.

Leigh has been a guest/keynote speaker in Marketing, has had Marketing papers published, taught undergraduates at the University of NSW Marketing School and lectured in Marketing management at the UTS Graduate School of Business in Sydney.

Leigh developed the “Law of Diminishing Brand Loyalty”, a concept to help companies optimise their resource allocation for Marketing based on Brand Equity: Using his theory helped TNT deliver $250M p.a. in extra profits by deletion of the Comet and Kwiskasair brands from their stable.

Leigh also developed the “Hierarchies of Marketing”, published recently in his book, “The Four Faces of Marketing”, available free at http://bookboon.com/en/the-four-faces-of-marketing-ebook.

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