Leigh Cowan spent 13 years (part-time) studying at Australia’s leading marketing school, UNSW, where he undertook more face-to-face specialist marketing study than a PhD. During this period, he gained national recognition in FMCG marketing, and again in marketing management, being featured on Current Affairs TV, metropolitan newspapers and marketing trade publications.

While still in his 20’s he had risen to Senior Account Director in major advertising, direct marketing and FMCG sales promotions agencies, and then transposed to marketing manager where he succeeded in categories as diverse as the IT industry, through to government.

Leigh was tempted into academia, but loved the thrill of commercial success. So, despite being was offered his first lecturing role (in mass media) while still an undergraduate, his focussed on a series of successful product launches for different companies.

In his 30’s, the travel bug lured Leigh to the UK where he revolutionised an ailing pet food company, increasing its market share 6-fold in under 18 months, knocking the mighty Mars Corporation (Pedigree Pet foods) on its backside. While in England, he found time to complete a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing Planning.

Not to be undone, Leigh returned to Australia and again took up a role as Marketing Head of a pet food company, again crippling Mars by stealing 12% of market share in a single test launch in just three months! Leigh describes this as his greatest marketing failure. Why? “You never threaten the market leader when you are a small market challenger… it was TOO successful, Mars knew it, and attacked with international resources to quash repetition of this success.”

As a consultant over the past 12 years he has helped companies grow sales by as much as 50% in one year, successfully launch products that may have never found success on their own, and saved business leaders from disastrous choices in corporate strategy.

Leigh has also found time to teach (part-time and between clients) both graduates (MBA) and undergraduates (Marketing Planning & Strategy) between 2003 until 2009.

Originator of “The Law of Diminishing Brand Loyalty”, Leigh is a freethinker in commercial marketing management and a highly sought after expert. He presents his theories and conducts marketing training workshops both across Australia and internationally.

His flexibility and ‘can-do’, positive approach to business problems are regarded as extra-ordinary, as are his polished and profound marketing skills.

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