Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?

Do you remember EVERYTHING you learned at Uni? Many graduates in business, who I have talked with, admit they don’t remember everything they were taught at Uni. Some confessed cramming just days before an exam, scraping by with a “Pass” and forgetting much of what they learned within months, or weeks, if not days, afterwards.Continue reading “Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?”

Thank you, Clive Palmer

United Australia Party has wasted $7M as a direct result of NOT understanding “Marketing”. Thanks to Clive Palmer, the world of business, in particular, the world of #Marketing, can see FIRST-HAND how “Marketing” is MUCH more than just advertising, publicity and promotion. Millions upon millions have been spent, with (in balance) superior advertising media buying,Continue reading “Thank you, Clive Palmer”

The Easiest Way for Businesses to Make Billions

Why Do Businesses Stray from the Proven Path to Making Billions? I recall the adage, “Not advertising is like kissing someone in the dark… YOU know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” Market research tells you: If there are any kissable people in the dark, How to find them, What sort of kiss theyContinue reading “The Easiest Way for Businesses to Make Billions”

The Truth about Marketing and the Internet

Digital self-promoters constantly claim the Internet has “changed the face of Marketing forever” and is a totally new, “game-changing” phenomenon. This is misleading and divisively untrue. Yes, Marketing COMMUNICATIONS has changed… just as it did when the printing press was invented in the 1400’s, and offset printing in the 1800’s. Marketing COMMUNICATIONS also experienced varyingContinue reading “The Truth about Marketing and the Internet”

Understand “Marketing” Like You Never Have Before!

I wrote this book (see below) for different folks: Business Leaders wanting to build an amazingly resilient business Marketing Professionals SEO Professionals Management professionals Wikipedia – who maintain a completely wrong definition of Marketing on their site but refuse to change it People who think Wikipedia’s definition of Marketing is right Download a FREE copyContinue reading “Understand “Marketing” Like You Never Have Before!”

Why free-to-air TV stations are dying & taking TV advertising to extinction

Ideally, of all industries, TV SHOULD be one that embraces ‘marketing’ with a passion… not only to best understand their clients, but it SHOULD be their business to understand the element of PROMOTION, which they are key to supplying,12.5% to 25 % of the marketing mix, and, in B2C marketing, sometimes over 25% of totalContinue reading “Why free-to-air TV stations are dying & taking TV advertising to extinction”