Time for a Recruitment Industry Shake-up?

Is it Time to Change the Way We Remunerate Recruiters?   As someone who is champion to the science of Marketing, many an executive throws down a gauntlet for me in terms of Marketing innovation: In a recent Pricing Workshop, someone challenged me to develop a better “model of exchange” in recruitment. Well here goes…Continue reading “Time for a Recruitment Industry Shake-up?”

The Easiest Way to Grow Brand Equity is through Customer Engagement & THAT Comes from EMPLOYEE Engagement!

There is a crisis of engagement. With 87% of employees disengaged worldwide, Gallup states in a 2016 report that “employee engagement has barely budged in years”. In the United States and Australia these figures are 68% and 76% respectively. These levels of disengagement represent billions of dollars in costs to organisations and governments. Why areContinue reading “The Easiest Way to Grow Brand Equity is through Customer Engagement & THAT Comes from EMPLOYEE Engagement!”

Are Most Executives Drowning in Puddles?

43 years of Marketing… And it struck me that I have been obsessed with perfection of application and implementation of marketing excellence for 40 of those years – holy hell! To be fair, my blind faith in commercially-usable academic knowledge has been the major reason I have pulled off some record-breaking successes in my career…Continue reading “Are Most Executives Drowning in Puddles?”

8 Mandatory Actions to Turn Around a Failing Business

When I was a boy, and asked “what do you want to do when you grow up?”, instead of saying fireman or policeman, I would say, “Be a time & efficiency expert”… having evolved into the quasi wish-come-true version of that, I find it enormously frustrating to watch, and doubly frustrating when my assistance isContinue reading “8 Mandatory Actions to Turn Around a Failing Business”

Why EVERY SMB or SME should have a Strategic Marketing Consultant

If every SMB used a QUALIFIED marketing consultant there would be  a LOT less SMB’s but a LOT more successful corporations. If not, they’d either be large businesses, merged businesses or different businesses. Small businesses are, far too often, stunted by the limited skills, incompetence, or timidness of the Owner, CEO, major shareholder. Qualified Accountants,Continue reading “Why EVERY SMB or SME should have a Strategic Marketing Consultant”

Thoughts for Marketing Consultancies that are and want to continue to be Better

One of the profound things I learned after 13 years studying “Marketing” at Uni, from tutoring & lecturing in “Marketing” to MBA students and debating “Marketing” with my peers, is the commercial advantage of using academic knowledge that has meaning and relevance in the commercial environment. FOR MARKETING CONSULTANTS One of the things taught inContinue reading “Thoughts for Marketing Consultancies that are and want to continue to be Better”

Understand “Marketing” Like You Never Have Before!

I wrote this book (see below) for different folks: Business Leaders wanting to build an amazingly resilient business Marketing Professionals SEO Professionals Management professionals Wikipedia – who maintain a completely wrong definition of Marketing on their site but refuse to change it People who think Wikipedia’s definition of Marketing is right Download a FREE copyContinue reading “Understand “Marketing” Like You Never Have Before!”

Corporate Arrogance: Ready for another victim in Woolworths?

Roger Corbett, who was CEO of Woolworths on its rise to co-domination of Australian retailing, warned that corporate arrogance was the most dangerous threat to Woolworths’ future. Could he be right? In March, 2009, post GFC, American business analysts came to the conclusion… “Today, we face corporate arrogance that is almost transcendent and vastly moreContinue reading “Corporate Arrogance: Ready for another victim in Woolworths?”

In search of the perfect Marketing Plan – How to make a Marketing Plan truly POWERFUL? G.R.A.I.S.E – http://instantblogsubscribers.com/vip/LeighCowan

How to make a Marketing Plan truly POWERFUL? G.R.A.I.S.E! Many, many marketing plans are dust collectors – they get written, put on a shelf and forgotten – basically because they do NOT help management get “the job” done. But a GOOD marketing plan… is actually an everyday tool that makes marketing management and achieving marketingContinue reading “In search of the perfect Marketing Plan – How to make a Marketing Plan truly POWERFUL? G.R.A.I.S.E – http://instantblogsubscribers.com/vip/LeighCowan”

Better marketing plans using a marketing planning workbook

Are you as tired as we are of rubbish marketing plans that only serve to collect dust? Sometimes, it seems like people have forgotten that a marketing plan should be a clear and concise set of directions that, if followed correctly, ensure you achieve or exceed your goals. So many marketing plans end up beingContinue reading “Better marketing plans using a marketing planning workbook”

Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits

Have you heard the expression, “Assumptions are the mother of all f—ups”? When observers say, “challenges that corporations face in managing and adopting innovation” are we assuming management skills are a constant – ’cause they ain’t! The managerial errors of Strategic Myopia, Structural Inertia & Reactivity have been denounced for so long, you think rubbishContinue reading “Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits”

Marketing Consultancies ignoring their own advice

All decent marketing consultancies contain a majority of tertiary qualified principal consultants, who pass on and apply their academic knowledge in relevant and appropriate ways to the advantage of their clients. Yet a great number of these marketing firms fail to apply the same science and knowledge when it comes to their own busineses. YouContinue reading “Marketing Consultancies ignoring their own advice”