Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?

Do you remember EVERYTHING you learned at Uni? Many graduates in business, who I have talked with, admit they don’t remember everything they were taught at Uni. Some confessed cramming just days before an exam, scraping by with a “Pass” and forgetting much of what they learned within months, or weeks, if not days, afterwards.Continue reading “Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?”

The Curse of Corporate Business – Why The Mega Companies Are Floundering

Why So Many Huge Companies are Floundering in the Digital Age. I explain the detailed reasons “why” in my book, “The Four Faces of Marketing” which readers can download below… but summarily, Companies aren’t “good” or “bad” it’s their decision-making leaders that are the important variable! In larger companies like P&G, Unilever & General Mills,Continue reading “The Curse of Corporate Business – Why The Mega Companies Are Floundering”

Is Your CEO a Fraud, Fake or Failure About to Happen?

They say, “Cream Rises to the Top”, and generally it does… rancid or not! How can you determine if the CEO, leading the Company you have your life savings invested in, or who is the employer controlling your professional and financial future, or is the head of the organisation you’re counting on for your security…Continue reading “Is Your CEO a Fraud, Fake or Failure About to Happen?”

Are Most Executives Drowning in Puddles?

43 years of Marketing… And it struck me that I have been obsessed with perfection of application and implementation of marketing excellence for 40 of those years – holy hell! To be fair, my blind faith in commercially-usable academic knowledge has been the major reason I have pulled off some record-breaking successes in my career…Continue reading “Are Most Executives Drowning in Puddles?”

Clever Ways to Make More Sales & More Profits

Product Development that Wins Overwhelming, Profitable Sales It is a mad world we live in… so close to the wood, we rarely stand back and enjoy the trees, let alone the whole forest. In MARKETING terms, we’ve been distracted by Marketing Communications (with all the digital hype) and forgotten the other 7P’s of Marketing. IfContinue reading “Clever Ways to Make More Sales & More Profits”

8 Mandatory Actions to Turn Around a Failing Business

When I was a boy, and asked “what do you want to do when you grow up?”, instead of saying fireman or policeman, I would say, “Be a time & efficiency expert”… having evolved into the quasi wish-come-true version of that, I find it enormously frustrating to watch, and doubly frustrating when my assistance isContinue reading “8 Mandatory Actions to Turn Around a Failing Business”

Who To Blame for Failed New Product Development & Launch?

Product launches should never fail Those who follow me, are aware that I ascertain new product launches should never fail. Of course this follows from the fact that products don’t fail… businesses don’t fail… it is MANAGEMENT that fails to do its job properly, who truly fail. How Do Executives Allow Product Launch Failures toContinue reading “Who To Blame for Failed New Product Development & Launch?”

10 Symptoms that show you have Imbalance in your Hierarchies of Marketing

Marketing isn’t right Not satisfactory? Marketing be doing more? Find out how to optimise your marketing here!

Why EVERY SMB or SME should have a Strategic Marketing Consultant

If every SMB used a QUALIFIED marketing consultant there would be  a LOT less SMB’s but a LOT more successful corporations. If not, they’d either be large businesses, merged businesses or different businesses. Small businesses are, far too often, stunted by the limited skills, incompetence, or timidness of the Owner, CEO, major shareholder. Qualified Accountants,Continue reading “Why EVERY SMB or SME should have a Strategic Marketing Consultant”

Facts about business that just might be the secret to success…

Better Sales from Marketing Business people share a lust for sales. Great sales! Extraordinary sales! Record-breaking sales. “How to get better sales” preoccupies them, drives them, absorbs them.  They pine for profitable sales, AND they crave sales that are as easy as possible. Business turned to academia… Economics couldn’t Economics couldn’t conjure up sales. AccountingContinue reading “Facts about business that just might be the secret to success…”

What’s So Special About My Upcoming Advanced Marketing Planning workshop?

Not only is this workshop is packed full of tools and knowledge for any executives who could use a brush up, training, or review of their Marketing Planning skills … Reviewing existing state-of-the-art Marketing Planning, but it ALSO also introduces new, evolving and breakthrough approaches to Marketing Planning that represent cutting-edge in Marketing science. TheContinue reading “What’s So Special About My Upcoming Advanced Marketing Planning workshop?”

P.E.E.R.S.M.A.R.T. – Smarter than S.M.A.R.T

SMART – its an acronym that’s been around for ages… taught academically, thought commercially, and simply just lacking! Yes, it can be helpful, but sometimes SMART just doesn’t “cut it”. So, what’s missing? Having tested many approaches in many organisations as the Strategic Marketing level… my experience, somewhat enhanced by some Behavioural Theory, suggest SMARTContinue reading “P.E.E.R.S.M.A.R.T. – Smarter than S.M.A.R.T”