Not only is this workshop is packed full of tools and knowledge for any executives who could use a brush up, training, or review of their Marketing Planning skills … Reviewing existing state-of-the-art Marketing Planning, but it ALSO also introduces new, evolving and breakthrough approaches to Marketing Planning that represent cutting-edge in Marketing science.

The course goes far beyond a revisit to a marketing planning template… embracing the issues around development and implementation ‘hurdles’ that all organisations face.

A leading FMCG executive described the my last workshop as, “One of the most insightful conference/trainings that I have attended for long time” and I’m hoping savvy executives will be equally as happy in the aftermath of attending “CREATING BREAKTHROUGH MARKETING PLANS THAT WORK!”.

If you are not at liberty to attend, why not tip-off anyone else who might be keen to do so? Click here for the PDF with more info

An ‘early-bird’ discount expires at Xmas, so it might be best if you act right away…

Some of my followers might recall that I lectured in Marketing Planning at UTS Graduate School of Business between 2003 and 2009.

Others might remember I have written Marketing Plans for national and international companies, many FMCG,  pharmaceutical and consumer durables, a plethora of other big, small & medium companies, both B2B and B2C.

I may have mentioned that I routinely travel to Asia to deliver commercial workshops on Marketing Planning to executives of large national and international companies.

Consequently, I have spent some time and effort to develop an approach to Marketing Planning that takes:

  1. the profit generating tools from academic Marketing Planning, and
  2. the commercial implementation and reality-checked truths of Marketing Planning in the business world,

… and merged and coordinated both, to put together a Marketing Planning workshop designed to help professional marketing and strategic planning executives write break-though, winning marketing plans.

I’m delivering this  richly empowering “how to” this coming February 17 and 18, in Sydney, so I’ve attached a link to a page where you can get a brochure and more info, and I’d be thrilled if you, others you think might benefit, or professional colleagues who could do with some finesse in Marketing Planning, could attend.

I trust that you will give this some serious thought and, if its not for you, pass it on to someone who you think could use the knowledge.

You’ll be able to download the brochure, find information and booking options at..

And please feel free to comment with your thoughts on the content, or any questions.

I wrote this book (see below) for different folks:

    • Business Leaders wanting to build an amazingly resilient business
    • Marketing Professionals
    • SEO Professionals
    • Management professionals
    • Wikipedia – who maintain a completely wrong definition of Marketing on their site but refuse to change it
    • People who think Wikipedia’s definition of Marketing is right

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Roger Corbett, who was CEO of Woolworths on its rise to co-domination of Australian retailing, warned that corporate arrogance was the most dangerous threat to Woolworths’ future.
Could he be right?
In March, 2009, post GFC, American business analysts came to the conclusion… “Today, we face corporate arrogance that is almost transcendent and vastly more damaging than any of organized labour’s excesses”.
All to frequently, enraged experts, frustrated by simply ‘bad calls’ of businesses that have suffered by not following great advice, vent blame on…. “arrogant executives who use corporate leverage to implement an “our way or the highway” mentality”.
Is Woolworths in danger? Many thought Ansett would last forever, that FAI was rock-solid, that One.Tel, supported by a marriage of Murdoch and Packer, must be invulnerable. Even Qantas, also accused of outrageous corporate arrogance, but thought immortal, teeters on becoming the Asian Kangaroo.
Having heard Roger Corbett speak, I am convinced where there is smoke, there is fire, and while Woolworths may see movement into hotels and poker machines as a sure bet, I have too often observed profitable companies disappear into the mire of management by conceit that gives credence to the old adage “pride cometh before a fall”.

How to make a Marketing Plan truly POWERFUL? G.R.A.I.S.E!

Many, many marketing plans are dust collectors – they get written, put on a shelf and forgotten – basically because they do NOT help management get “the job” done.

But a GOOD marketing plan… is actually an everyday tool that makes marketing management and achieving marketing objectives a reality!

So what turns a rubbish plan into a brilliant, key focus of business activity? G.R.A.I.S.E!

Grip: It is soaked in reality (not some fluffy piece of verbose jargon) and is achievable, executable and implementable.

Relevance: It means something to every participant. It helps them understand their function and do it to the best of their ability

Action Steps: Every strategy (how are we going to achieve the objective) is broken down to an Action Plan, with indivisible, individual tactics delegated to a specific person, whose job it is to see the tactic is done to a quantifiable measure including a time-constraint.

Interdependence: Every participating department can identify how each relies on each other for the organisation to achieve the objectives.

Simplicity: It can be read and understood by every person it involves

Exposure: Don’t follow the plan and everyone in the organisation will know who has stuffed up!

So, how do you write a GREAT marketing Pan?

For 100 years academic schools of business have been chasing this allusive goal. Sadly, as academics become more academic, and less commercial, their distance for reality increases. And few are privy to the inner sanctums of the world’s most successful, and discretely quiet about sharing their methods, marketing planners.

Fortunately, launch Engineering, a consultancy that only recruits senior consultants with 25+ years of commercial experience in marketing management that MUST include an outstanding individual success AND advanced marketing qualifications, has provided the answer.

It’s a marketing plan workbook, in Excel format, that works like a guide to writing relevant and appropriate marketing plans.

Better than a marketing planning template, and worth thousands due to its real, commercial value, it is available for a hands for of dollars at Marketing Planning Workbook

ANY marketing professional will look at it and go so what… UNTIL they use it… then they’ll go this is POWERFUL stuff!

One senior marketing executive with a leading Asian Telco, said, “This is so good, I’m introducing is as compulsory in our corporation as soon as I get back to the office!”

This Marketing Planning Template Workbook has been used by government, large national and international companies, and down to small FMCG manufacturers, banks, and even SME’s. Results have spanned 20% growth to over 100% in as little as 18 months.

So if you’re a marketing professional, of any description, you’d be wise to grab this very useful marketing planning tool for the next marketing plan you write. And see just how good it really is in helping write a great marketing plan.

Or if you just need the Marketing Communications Plan, Sales, Plan, or a simple Marketing Planning Template in Word format for SME, try…

Are you as tired as we are of rubbish marketing plans that only serve to collect dust?

Sometimes, it seems like people have forgotten that a marketing plan should be a clear and concise set of directions that, if followed correctly, ensure you achieve or exceed your goals.

So many marketing plans end up being a report of where the business is now, or a weak wish-list of what the writer thinks might be as good a guess as any.

While many businesses accept the importance of a marketing plan, few know where to start or the questions to ask to build this comprehensive and powerful business tool.

Partly this is because few marketing planners actually have a decent marketing planning template or marketing planning workbook on which they can craft and build a winning marketing plan.

With literally thousands of awful, limited, and distracting documents offered on the web, all promising they represent a decent marketing plan template, the problem is magnified. Discriminating planners find these are not written by marketing planners, or those whose marketing planning skills and talent have much to be desired. The documents offered appear to be plagiarised extracts from basic business textbooks, devoid of commercial marketing planning functionality.

Since rising to Marketing Manager level in the mid 80’s, I’ve learned, the hard way, how to put together marketing plans that work, and have written around 30 marketing plans since then: 3 were not implemented due to politics of weak management, every other one succeeded.

Since my current consulting firm, Launch Engineering, has been going, we’ve seen frequent occurrences where an aspiring entrepreneur, middle management, marketing executive, or a frustrated COO brings us their marketing plan built upon a generic marketing plan template they’ve wasted weeks of their valuable time trying to fit their business into: The structure of a marketing plan template they have acquired, having distracted them from the key, specific and individual issues that may make or break them.

After seeing this over and over we said to ourselves, “There needs to be a better option for marketing planners.” So we set about empowering marketing planners to identify the real issues and key variables to build proper marketing plans. We built a professional’s marketing planning workbook.

Sharing this with key clients across diverse industries such as banking, telecommunications, infant nutrition, tobacco, international air transport and fashion retailing, this marketing planning workbook has proven to be universally applicable for building marketing plans that are relevant and individual, while being concise and implementable.”

As a non-profit endeavour, we simply called it “the Ultimate Marketing Planning Workbook”, an Excel formatted document of over 30 individual worksheets that force the marketing planner to explore the pertinent issues, and dismiss irrelevancy. Marketing Plans evolve from the workbook’s output of isolating the key issues and identifying the tactics, resources, and strategies necessary to achieve marketing objectives.

Peers, colleagues and even a few clients says the tool is worth its weight in gold and that making it available at a nominal price doesn’t indicate its true value.

However, in an effort to enlighten struggling marketing executives, and raise the bar (so to speak) we decided to release it for only the fulfilment/processing cost.

Anyone who is less than 100% satisfied with their marketing plans will find using this workbook a dream.

Give it a try, go to:

Nothing beats a good plan…

December 13, 2010

Anyone who has assembled an IKEA product KNOWS the importance of a good set of instructions.

A proper marketing plan, for small or global operations, should be a complete set of instructions that shows the reader EXACTLY how to complete the outcome that they set out to achieve.  A proper marketing plan nominates every step, clearly and concisely, how to arrive at the result you set.

Better than an IKEA set of instructions, a proper marketing plan tells you everything you need to know… what tools and resources you’ll need, what contingencies to be wary of AND what to do if you experience them, what time period the process will consume and what circumstances around you might impede your progress.

Sadly, most templates and examples on the Internet are poor excuses for marketing plans and price is not a yardstick of quality. In fact, most web templates are likely to constrain, interfere and distract from development of a proper marketing plan… because EVERY business is unique.

What makes it harder is that good marketing planners are made not born, so experience and formal training are each as important as the other… a bit like brain surgery or space travel.

There are four parts of a proper marketing plan:

1.    The ‘where are we now?’: Before you know where you are going, and to get to where you want to be, you have to know where you are now…. This means an objective market assessment, understanding of customer, competitor and market segments, your capabilities and competencies, but also the dynamics of the world that are out of your control and how they are likely to effect you.

2.    Very few pioneers set out without a planned destination – and made it home! Setting mission and vision, nominating your purpose and reason for being is one of the most crucial and significant factors in successful business longevity.

3.    The ‘how are we going to get there?” There are ALWAYS choices In travel we have plane trains and automobiles. In marketing we have

4.    What how do we monitor progress and control variance? Few marketing plans even consider contingency, sensitivities, and vigilance.

Embracing the fourth pillar of planning, is insurance against failure.

The BEST way to develop a marketing plan is to write it from scratch. The worst way is to try and edit the very disappointing marketing templates you find splashed across the internet.

So bad are these, that the team at Launch Engineering developed a marketing planning workbook to help people in the DIY marketing planning space.

Have a look at