Welch Wisdom (How to Grow a Corporation)

Jack Welch is quoted as saying, “The team with the best payers wins!” … a philosophy that helped Jack build GE into a word dominating power. One of my earliest business management successes was when I ran a team of 120 people up and down the eastern seaboard. My HR strategy was simple… never stopContinue reading “Welch Wisdom (How to Grow a Corporation)”

Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?

Do you remember EVERYTHING you learned at Uni? Many graduates in business, who I have talked with, admit they don’t remember everything they were taught at Uni. Some confessed cramming just days before an exam, scraping by with a “Pass” and forgetting much of what they learned within months, or weeks, if not days, afterwards.Continue reading “Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?”

Thank you, Clive Palmer

United Australia Party has wasted $7M as a direct result of NOT understanding “Marketing”. Thanks to Clive Palmer, the world of business, in particular, the world of #Marketing, can see FIRST-HAND how “Marketing” is MUCH more than just advertising, publicity and promotion. Millions upon millions have been spent, with (in balance) superior advertising media buying,Continue reading “Thank you, Clive Palmer”

How do you KNOW what your customers want?

“Customers” are NOT identical. A “market” is only a corral of market segments. Until business leaders fully accept that fact, businesses will not do as well as they could, probably flounder at some stage, and ultimately fail as their competitors (who DO “get it”) out-manoeuvre them. The Most POWERFUL tool in a business strategist’s arsenalContinue reading “How do you KNOW what your customers want?”

The Biggest Constraint in Commerce is that Only a Small Number of Leaders BELIEVE in the “possible”…

Remember these business quotes? “There will never be a bigger plane built.” — A Boeing engineer, after the first flight of the 247, a twin-engine plane that holds ten people. “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered atContinue reading “The Biggest Constraint in Commerce is that Only a Small Number of Leaders BELIEVE in the “possible”…”

Why You Cannot Afford Silos between Sales & Marketing

What Factors Make Sales People Successful? I recently shared a Linked In comment, and in my keynote presentations and workshops discuss, a large & intense formal commercial study of selling skills, that showed only two significantly important factors determine a sales person’s success… How hard salespeople work (calls, preparation, & face-to-face time in front ofContinue reading “Why You Cannot Afford Silos between Sales & Marketing”

The Curse of Corporate Business – Why The Mega Companies Are Floundering

Why So Many Huge Companies are Floundering in the Digital Age. I explain the detailed reasons “why” in my book, “The Four Faces of Marketing” which readers can download below… but summarily, Companies aren’t “good” or “bad” it’s their decision-making leaders that are the important variable! In larger companies like P&G, Unilever & General Mills,Continue reading “The Curse of Corporate Business – Why The Mega Companies Are Floundering”

Time for a Recruitment Industry Shake-up?

Is it Time to Change the Way We Remunerate Recruiters?   As someone who is champion to the science of Marketing, many an executive throws down a gauntlet for me in terms of Marketing innovation: In a recent Pricing Workshop, someone challenged me to develop a better “model of exchange” in recruitment. Well here goes…Continue reading “Time for a Recruitment Industry Shake-up?”

Is your Brand Strategy Misguided?

Recently, I was part of a discussion on Linked In about Brand Strategy. My colleague, a branding expert, declaring, “Brand Strategy Work Is No Job for Ad Agencies”. His article should be mandatory reading for everyone is business, from CEO to business-studies student, and definitely every person working in advertising. The problem is simply thatContinue reading “Is your Brand Strategy Misguided?”

The Easiest Way to Grow Brand Equity is through Customer Engagement & THAT Comes from EMPLOYEE Engagement!

There is a crisis of engagement. With 87% of employees disengaged worldwide, Gallup states in a 2016 report that “employee engagement has barely budged in years”. In the United States and Australia these figures are 68% and 76% respectively. These levels of disengagement represent billions of dollars in costs to organisations and governments. Why areContinue reading “The Easiest Way to Grow Brand Equity is through Customer Engagement & THAT Comes from EMPLOYEE Engagement!”

Category Management – Just old fashioned Marketing, re-boxed?

Category Management. Every time I think about CatMan key points, one is the core definition of the Marketing Concept: Satisfaction of Customer Needs & Wants. Of course, there is much more to Category management than one-sentence, throw-away lines, simple theory, or intangible concepts. Category Management is a potent and serious business approach that, properly implemented,Continue reading “Category Management – Just old fashioned Marketing, re-boxed?”

Black Hat Promotion, Dishonesty & Ethics – Please, “No!”

A curious email passed under my nose recently, which read… Australian Enterprise Awards 2017 is due to be published soon. You will remember me informing you that Launch Engineering was awarded Product Launch Specialists of the Year 2017 – New South Wales Unexpected, (we never submit for prizes) I read on…. We now have limitedContinue reading “Black Hat Promotion, Dishonesty & Ethics – Please, “No!””

The Easiest Way for Businesses to Make Billions

Why Do Businesses Stray from the Proven Path to Making Billions? I recall the adage, “Not advertising is like kissing someone in the dark… YOU know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” Market research tells you: If there are any kissable people in the dark, How to find them, What sort of kiss theyContinue reading “The Easiest Way for Businesses to Make Billions”

The conundrum of marketing for the business world

The biggest single roadblock to optimum profits, organisational immortality and economic buoyancy is the toxic predicament of the world’s perception of ‘marketing’. And it is spawned and nurtured by those who perceive themselves as marketing professionals. Think about this: Someone starts off in a junior role, putting some effort into sales admin, advertising development, promotional activity,Continue reading “The conundrum of marketing for the business world”

The Marketing Profession at Rock Bottom?

THE DECAYING STANDARD OF MARKETING KNOW-HOW I recently attended a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conference to hear a national market research company speaker, with the title “Director of Marketing”, a leader of a division responsible for advising their clients “how to do it better”, speak. I must admit I had high hopes of insights andContinue reading “The Marketing Profession at Rock Bottom?”