Kelloggs: From Marketing kings to marketing clowns

What has happened to Kelloggs? Not just recently, but for years, they have produced off-target advertising, clearly without purpose or science, desperate gimmicky stuff that appears to be nothing more than going through the paces of attempting some sort of consumer pull activity. And Kelloggs have been doing it with product launches as well… extendingContinue reading “Kelloggs: From Marketing kings to marketing clowns”

Mobile Phone Giants are getting it so, so wrong!

Any decent marketing strategist KNOWS that the two most powerful tools in strategic marketing are segmentation and differentiation, and when to use the right tool. Clearly no-one has told the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, or they simply are not listening to their marketing advisors! Instead, they are looking for gimmicks, fads, and features toContinue reading “Mobile Phone Giants are getting it so, so wrong!”

Deleted by Woolworths

Last week, yet another entrepreneur came to Launch Engineering, bemoaning they had just been told they are to be deleted from Woolworths shelves and could we help… So, within 4 days we have collected market research, assessed competition, performed a guerrilla market segmentation assessment, and written a mini category review. The decision is in reviewContinue reading “Deleted by Woolworths”

Product Launch is so important, so why isn’t it taken seriously?

Product launch and winning marketing strategies are critical to the future of business… people’s lives are realistically at threat if it goes wrong. Yet I frequently observe people asking for free marketing advice over a social networks … do they REALLY believe this is the most sensible way to beat a path to success? ForContinue reading “Product Launch is so important, so why isn’t it taken seriously?”