Stopping Shopping – A new blunder in FMCG Grocery retail

How to DECREASE Woolworths

Basket Size!


Disposable bag blunder
It isn’t WW Managements’ fault – they’ve just hit their level of incompetency!



My prediction? Watch the average basket size for #Woolworths plummet over the next month!

Here’s a typical mistake when you only have operational executives on the Board of Management of your company – and you lack a competent and seasoned strategic professionals…

You see, OPERATIONAL executives just don’t have long enough #vision… they make short-sighted decisions and can’t accommodate contingencies and ramifications of their short-sighted decisions. They rush to save pennies and lose dollars in the process.

#Strategic executives understand #segmentation. They understand that a large segment of consumers/shoppers simply prefer the convenience of the availability of bags that match they planned AND incidental shopping… the elimination of free bags “incentivises” shoppers not to buy on spontaneous whim… the results WILL be reduced average basket size!

#Strategic executives understand #consumer behaviour. I am bewildered that no senior executives of WW understand that a large contingent of people WANT to be eco-conscious as long as it does NOT inconvenience them. These people would get a positive “kick” out of knowing their shopping bags are now biodegradable and they would appreciate, and respect, WW for taking the initiative… even though they know there might be a nominal price penalty.

#Operational executives worry about price competition. Strategic executives know that customers only discriminate on price when you give them no other reason to prefer your offering.

A STRATEGIC Board of Management would have seen the needs and wants of their customers with much greater clarity… a STRATEGIC Woolworths would not simply start charging for the same old plastic bags, under the guise of ecology or any other reason.

A strategically competent Board would probably now have introduced biodegradable bags and propagating industry leadership, IMPROVED customer satisfaction, image, goodwill and brand equity.

My followers will recall I laughed that Woolworths advertised for a “Senior Strategy Manager with three (whole) years of experience” recently… THIS is what happens when you adopt such a cavalier attitude to such an important and essential governance discipline.

When oh when will Woolworths’ shareholders vote in a Board of Directors that will appoint a CEO with the talent to “right” the ship?


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