A Future where Coles & Aldi are the Duopoly and #Woolworths is a Distant Memory?

Greg Foran (President and CEO of Walmart USA, and ex-Woolworths employee) said Woolworths’ biggest weakness was the inability to change. This remains true. Only with clarity of vision can Woolworths avert a future where Coles and Aldi become the duopoly, and Woolworths is remembered with the same nostalgia that baby-boomers remember Flemings. The concept isContinue reading “A Future where Coles & Aldi are the Duopoly and #Woolworths is a Distant Memory?”

Are WW & Coles Sly Agents of Aldi?

Are WW & Coles Sly Agents of Aldi? WW & Coles are chic, sophisticated efficient retailers – no argument… right? They analyse return on store real estate, supplier efficiency, optimisation of promotions and deep dive into category workshops so they know more than national advertisers and international manufacturers about key categories. Focussed on two variablesContinue reading “Are WW & Coles Sly Agents of Aldi?”