The One & Only Obstacle to Business Growth – Where the ‘buck’ stops

The older I get, the more I learn how much I don’t know – but also the more I recognise so-called “business experts” don’t know as well. I guess that’s fair, except at least I know how much I don’t know… others appear to “believe their own BS”. The latest manifestation became glaringly apparent inContinue reading “The One & Only Obstacle to Business Growth – Where the ‘buck’ stops”

Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits

Have you heard the expression, “Assumptions are the mother of all f—ups”? When observers say, “challenges that corporations face in managing and adopting innovation” are we assuming management skills are a constant – ’cause they ain’t! The managerial errors of Strategic Myopia, Structural Inertia & Reactivity have been denounced for so long, you think rubbishContinue reading “Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits”