Are WW & Coles Sly Agents of Aldi?

Are WW & Coles Sly Agents of Aldi? WW & Coles are chic, sophisticated efficient retailers – no argument… right? They analyse return on store real estate, supplier efficiency, optimisation of promotions and deep dive into category workshops so they know more than national advertisers and international manufacturers about key categories. Focussed on two variablesContinue reading “Are WW & Coles Sly Agents of Aldi?”

Supermarkets potentially can own ALL the FMCG brands of the future.

A recent Linked In discussion referred to a study predicting that Australian Supermarkets will retail 33% of private label brands. The article suggests that supermarkets have made 33% generics a reality when, in fact, its been manufacturers that have created this environment! Short-term profit gouging, and/or criminally negligent marketing management, and simply ignorant brand stewardshipContinue reading “Supermarkets potentially can own ALL the FMCG brands of the future.”