Frustration is viral

Frustration is a viral sentiment spreading throughout the global business community, “How do you find executive management who can truly achieve results, embrace cutting-edge methods and implement bold new ways to succeed?” Business success comes not by natural intuition, through costly mistakes, charismatic diplomacy or knowing the ‘right’ people. (This attitude has, and continues to,Continue reading “Frustration is viral”

Lost Marketing Craftsmanship is tipping balance of power from seller to buyer

In the zenith of the years of excellence in advertising and marketing, the seller controlled the balance of power. Taking the empirical science of “Marketing” revealed by diligent and breakthrough academic work, with open and dedicated support from industry, sellers were industrious about applying the newly discovered “Marketing Concept” – finding out what consumers wantedContinue reading “Lost Marketing Craftsmanship is tipping balance of power from seller to buyer”

Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits

Have you heard the expression, “Assumptions are the mother of all f—ups”? When observers say, “challenges that corporations face in managing and adopting innovation” are we assuming management skills are a constant – ’cause they ain’t! The managerial errors of Strategic Myopia, Structural Inertia & Reactivity have been denounced for so long, you think rubbishContinue reading “Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits”