The dynamics of the marketing world is now firmly ‘internet-centric’ .


At least ‘8 times more powerful than TV’ ever was, potentially more cost efficient on a cost per contact basis (although lack of skills means this does not yet hold true for many), able to target better than past media (skills allowing, again), faster, more flexible, and truly able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; internet marketing is at the future of marketing communications, at the least!


Now that Social Media Marketing has reached critical mass, it is vital that marketers embrace marketing theory. The multi stage mass communication model and the importance of the “Group Opinion Leader” is just one of many models that turns the medium into a deploy-able and useful tool… without it lays a HUGE chasm between mega-profits and reality


There is a lack of true marketing knowledge in many of the e-marketers of today… Their strong IT skills, and technical knowledge, have been won at the opportunity cost of not having equivalent knowledge in behavioural science, psychology, buyer behaviour, market maturity, the buyer adoption process, buyer readiness, market segmentation, brand adoption and the 1001 other tools trained into, familiar and understood by only those who dedicatedly devoted themselves to advanced marketing theory in academic and workplace training.


Technically savvy, who don’t know how much they don’t know, are costing BIG bucks, missing BIG opportunities, mis-directing energies and misaligning positioning in inefficient and destructive ways.


With SMM (Social Media Marketing) becoming the sizzling focus for those in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage, PROFESSIONAL marketing know-how in these advanced strategic marketing skills are mandatory to really springboard super normal profits, using SMM.


Yes, trial and error, extraordinary intuition, blind luck also work…sometimes.


But there’s nothing like knowing what you are doing BEFORE you do it for time, and cost, efficiency.


Marketing theory, PROPERLY understood, and PROPERLY applied, has always secured marketing success. Now, more than ever before, are there opportunities and risks, in investing marketing spend without this knowledge.

We all agree the World Wide Web is the most significant change to mass communication since the printing press, but I accuse the Internet of creating HUGE interference to the evolution of the craft of marketing.

Like bees to honey, any new innovation attracts an unruly bunch of vocal profiteers and, in this case, ‘cowboys’, without understanding of what marketing REALLY is, are confusing those they are trying to lead, by declaring themselves to be ‘marketing’ experts…

The true, essential definition of the word marketing is “the management of exchange” and the omnipotent power of marketing knowledge is literally the goose that lays golden eggs.
Sadly, all too many self-declared marketing experts and promotions sales people with self-interest at heart, redefine the word, or take advantage of ignorance and misconceptions of ‘marketing’, to push their own greedy causes.

“Try my SEO – that’s good marketing”, they cry.

“Inbound telesales are the future of marketing – buy me!” is another’s mantra.

“CRO is the new SEO and the future of marketing”, bellows a hawker of his services.

“My sales premiums and giveaways are the secret to great marketing”, calls out from a different corner.

What many purport to be ‘marketing’ is ,at best, a form of promotion, through a medium of communication… known to TRAINED marketing executives as the “Promotional Mix”. The “Promotional Mix” encapsulates 4 disciplines nominated as Advertising, Sales Promotions, PR and Personal Selling.

Prior to the Internet, Personal Selling was unique, in that it was the only component that allowed for 2-way communication… the Net now allows for 2-way in every discipline.

BEFORE the Internet, there was a reverence for marketing know-how… advertising was understood to be a different discipline; even “Direct Marketing” was identifiable as a different discipline.

But, with self-taught computer buffs, get-rich-quick-while-you-work-from-home entrepreneurs, and internet services sales people all declaring that internet marketing as their core skill; it has only clouded the already murky waters of the true meaning of the craft, purpose of the discipline and its significant social benefit.

Social Benefit of “Marketing”?

The social benefit of marketing is profound, universal and far-reaching.

The core responsibility of marketing is to match the unique resources of the organisation with the closest possible solution to the pressing needs of the consumer: The core purpose: Mutual satisfaction between shareholder and end user.

Proper marketing management achieves the following:
• No misallocation of resources – no over production or under supply
• The right and fair price at which product/s or service/s should be sold
• Size of package, usage instructions, quality controls, that are optimally appropriate
• Logistic and availability that satisfies the greatest ‘good’
• Accompanying experience in the exchange that is comfortable, pleasant, and least disruptive to all parties.
• Fair and equitable share of profit throughout the distribution channel based upon contribution of value within the exchange.
• Ongoing innovation and change that marries with inevitable changing of consumer needs and wants.

Internet marketers do not strive for these ideas, they corrupt the essence of marketing and undermine these social benefits of marketing… they are snake-oil salesman empowered to confuse up by the omnipotent POTENTIAL of the internet as a medium of communication.

f course, it IS swings and pendulums, and the business world will, ultimately, develop ways and means to detect and deter the cowboys, but scars will remain on the word ‘marketing’ and the purity of the craft, for decades to come.