A Tear for Coles & Woolworths

Poor WW & Coles – Hard Frustrating Unsatisfying! Spare a moment of sympathy for executives, senior management, C-suite leaders and directors of Woolworths and Coles. Yes, they get paid well but at what cost? For decades they have suffered in absence of the wisdom of the ages, best summarized by legendary strategist, Sun Tzu, whoContinue reading “A Tear for Coles & Woolworths”

The Curse of Corporate Business – Why The Mega Companies Are Floundering

Why So Many Huge Companies are Floundering in the Digital Age. I explain the detailed reasons “why” in my book, “The Four Faces of Marketing” which readers can download below… but summarily, Companies aren’t “good” or “bad” it’s their decision-making leaders that are the important variable! In larger companies like P&G, Unilever & General Mills,Continue reading “The Curse of Corporate Business – Why The Mega Companies Are Floundering”

Is Your CEO a Fraud, Fake or Failure About to Happen?

They say, “Cream Rises to the Top”, and generally it does… rancid or not! How can you determine if the CEO, leading the Company you have your life savings invested in, or who is the employer controlling your professional and financial future, or is the head of the organisation you’re counting on for your security…Continue reading “Is Your CEO a Fraud, Fake or Failure About to Happen?”

What about the future?

Many businesses reach the height of their success just before they expire. Why? Under the operational umbrella, they they have learned rights and wrongs, developed an understanding for their strengths and weaknesses, developed quality networks, and streamlined efficiencies. Under the strategic umbrella, leadership and management are starved of skills. Ignorance, being blissful – until thingsContinue reading “What about the future?”

Once we were (marketing) warriors…

During my Feb 2012 presentation at the FMCG summit at MGSM in Sydney, I asked the group of about 60, “When did you do your last segmentation study?”. I was appalled to find only 1 company had undertaken a segmentation study in the past seven years… SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!!! (Less frequent than 3 years is consideredContinue reading “Once we were (marketing) warriors…”