“Digital Marketers”: The New Flat-Earth Society?

What is “Marketing”? Many so-called “Digital Marketers” believe that marketing is a synonym for advertising and promotion. That’s OK… if they focus on the implementation of online promotional tactics AND IF those tactics follow genuinely valid marketing strategies set by someone who understands the true meaning of the word, “Marketing”. I am occasionally attacked byContinue reading ““Digital Marketers”: The New Flat-Earth Society?”

Once we were (marketing) warriors…

During my Feb 2012 presentation at the FMCG summit at MGSM in Sydney, I asked the group of about 60, “When did you do your last segmentation study?”. I was appalled to find only 1 company had undertaken a segmentation study in the past seven years… SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!!! (Less frequent than 3 years is consideredContinue reading “Once we were (marketing) warriors…”