Thoughts for Marketing Consultancies that are and want to continue to be Better

One of the profound things I learned after 13 years studying “Marketing” at Uni, from tutoring & lecturing in “Marketing” to MBA students and debating “Marketing” with my peers, is the commercial advantage of using academic knowledge that has meaning and relevance in the commercial environment. FOR MARKETING CONSULTANTS One of the things taught inContinue reading “Thoughts for Marketing Consultancies that are and want to continue to be Better”

Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits

Have you heard the expression, “Assumptions are the mother of all f—ups”? When observers say, “challenges that corporations face in managing and adopting innovation” are we assuming management skills are a constant – ’cause they ain’t! The managerial errors of Strategic Myopia, Structural Inertia & Reactivity have been denounced for so long, you think rubbishContinue reading “Embracing Innovation, Change & Extrordinary super-profits”

Marketing Consultancies ignoring their own advice

All decent marketing consultancies contain a majority of tertiary qualified principal consultants, who pass on and apply their academic knowledge in relevant and appropriate ways to the advantage of their clients. Yet a great number of these marketing firms fail to apply the same science and knowledge when it comes to their own busineses. YouContinue reading “Marketing Consultancies ignoring their own advice”