Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?

Do you remember EVERYTHING you learned at Uni? Many graduates in business, who I have talked with, admit they don’t remember everything they were taught at Uni. Some confessed cramming just days before an exam, scraping by with a “Pass” and forgetting much of what they learned within months, or weeks, if not days, afterwards.Continue reading “Do you recall EVERYTHING you learned at Uni?”

What’s So Special About My Upcoming Advanced Marketing Planning workshop?

Not only is this workshop is packed full of tools and knowledge for any executives who could use a brush up, training, or review of their Marketing Planning skills … Reviewing existing state-of-the-art Marketing Planning, but it ALSO also introduces new, evolving and breakthrough approaches to Marketing Planning that represent cutting-edge in Marketing science. TheContinue reading “What’s So Special About My Upcoming Advanced Marketing Planning workshop?”

What about the future?

Many businesses reach the height of their success just before they expire. Why? Under the operational umbrella, they they have learned rights and wrongs, developed an understanding for their strengths and weaknesses, developed quality networks, and streamlined efficiencies. Under the strategic umbrella, leadership and management are starved of skills. Ignorance, being blissful – until thingsContinue reading “What about the future?”

Are you tired of rubbish marketing plans that only serve to collect dust?

Sometimes, it seems like people have forgotten that a marketing plan should be a clear and concise set of directions that, if followed correctly, ensure you achieve or exceed your goals. So many marketing plans end up being a report of where the business is now, or a weak wish-list of what the writer thinksContinue reading “Are you tired of rubbish marketing plans that only serve to collect dust?”

Nothing beats a good plan…

Anyone who has assembled an IKEA product KNOWS the importance of a good set of instructions. A proper marketing plan, for small or global operations, should be a complete set of instructions that shows the reader EXACTLY how to complete the outcome that they set out to achieve.  A proper marketing plan nominates every step,Continue reading “Nothing beats a good plan…”