A Future where Coles & Aldi are the Duopoly and #Woolworths is a Distant Memory?

Greg Foran (President and CEO of Walmart USA, and ex-Woolworths employee) said Woolworths’ biggest weakness was the inability to change. This remains true. Only with clarity of vision can Woolworths avert a future where Coles and Aldi become the duopoly, and Woolworths is remembered with the same nostalgia that baby-boomers remember Flemings. The concept isContinue reading “A Future where Coles & Aldi are the Duopoly and #Woolworths is a Distant Memory?”

What’s So Special About My Upcoming Advanced Marketing Planning workshop?

Not only is this workshop is packed full of tools and knowledge for any executives who could use a brush up, training, or review of their Marketing Planning skills … Reviewing existing state-of-the-art Marketing Planning, but it ALSO also introduces new, evolving and breakthrough approaches to Marketing Planning that represent cutting-edge in Marketing science. TheContinue reading “What’s So Special About My Upcoming Advanced Marketing Planning workshop?”

Have we abandoned the core root of all business success? (Or Just forgotten the truth?)

Too many marketing strategists believe their own BS! Pricing Strategy, Communications strategy, Online Strategy, branding strategy etc. isn’t genius… it is obvious, common sense that evolves out of the fact that perfect knowledge leads to perfect decisions. I’ve had an extraordinary number of commercial successes in my career, record-breaking ones… NOT because I am oneContinue reading “Have we abandoned the core root of all business success? (Or Just forgotten the truth?)”

How lack of strategic marketing acumen cascades down through the whole organisation.

An example of how ignorance of the Hierarchies of Marketing can corrode success. There is a large company – one of the world’s top 500 companies – headed for hard times due to an absence of strategic acumen. It is a business that owns, operates or manages thousands of holiday resorts across the world. OneContinue reading “How lack of strategic marketing acumen cascades down through the whole organisation.”

Where have all the Good Marketers Gone?

The academic study of Marketing was initially undertaken to make business decision-making easy… and it worked! Marketing decisions that religiously, if not fanatically, followed the technical revelations of academic marketing teachings, have worked, and worked, and worked. In my career, every single marketing plan based upon the teachings of my studies, and implemented accordingly, hasContinue reading “Where have all the Good Marketers Gone?”


What is the Marketing Concept? What is the basis of all marketing management? Is it not meet the customers’ needs with available resources? Is pushing an imperfect satisfaction of needs, via advertising, personal selling, tricky copy and negative options, give-aways and incentives, going to imbed success in a brand? Is a badly thought-out product orContinue reading “BRAND IMMORTALITY – Part 2”

Is Brand Immortality Possible?

There are no specific strategic models for FMCG brands to manage lifecycle because any generalisation would be fictitious nonsense. The secret for ALL marketers is market segmentation. Until decision makers recognise that there is no singular ‘market’, but a unique combination of segments that make up an individual market, we are unimpowered. “Markets’ are asContinue reading “Is Brand Immortality Possible?”

The Tactical Marketing Advantage of the Taste Test Challenge

Pepsi challenge #marketing, a tactic which pits No.2 and against No.1, always succeeds if used properly – but many people don’t realize how. Many might be surprised to find that Coke’s sales INCREASE when Pepsi does a taste test challenge, The growth in Pepsi’s sales and share comes from minor brands suffering and losing marketContinue reading “The Tactical Marketing Advantage of the Taste Test Challenge”

Deleted by Woolworths

Last week, yet another entrepreneur came to Launch Engineering, bemoaning they had just been told they are to be deleted from Woolworths shelves and could we help… So, within 4 days we have collected market research, assessed competition, performed a guerrilla market segmentation assessment, and written a mini category review. The decision is in reviewContinue reading “Deleted by Woolworths”