How do you KNOW what your customers want?

“Customers” are NOT identical. A “market” is only a corral of market segments. Until business leaders fully accept that fact, businesses will not do as well as they could, probably flounder at some stage, and ultimately fail as their competitors (who DO “get it”) out-manoeuvre them. The Most POWERFUL tool in a business strategist’s arsenalContinue reading “How do you KNOW what your customers want?”

The Easiest Way for Businesses to Make Billions

Why Do Businesses Stray from the Proven Path to Making Billions? I recall the adage, “Not advertising is like kissing someone in the dark… YOU know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” Market research tells you: If there are any kissable people in the dark, How to find them, What sort of kiss theyContinue reading “The Easiest Way for Businesses to Make Billions”

Are Most Executives Drowning in Puddles?

43 years of Marketing… And it struck me that I have been obsessed with perfection of application and implementation of marketing excellence for 40 of those years – holy hell! To be fair, my blind faith in commercially-usable academic knowledge has been the major reason I have pulled off some record-breaking successes in my career…Continue reading “Are Most Executives Drowning in Puddles?”

The True Path to Make Profitable Sales Soar

The Objective of the following is to empower business leaders to achieve breakthrough, profitable sale growth: Here goes… Understand What “Marketing” is The first thing a CEO MUST do is recognize the definition of the word, “Marketing”… Believing that “Marketing” is simply the “1 ‘P’”, Marketing Communications, or “P=Promotions” … maintaining a perception that “MarketingContinue reading “The True Path to Make Profitable Sales Soar”

Marketo pays a price for not understanding the definition of Marketing

I just went to any amazing road show for Marketo. God knows how much they spent to entertain over 1000 marketing professionals with breakfast lunch morning teas, drinks, in the centre of Sydney, at The Westin Sydney, a five-star hotel sporting one of the CBD’s biggest convention rooms, with an array of quality speakers, fullContinue reading “Marketo pays a price for not understanding the definition of Marketing”

10 Symptoms that show you have Imbalance in your Hierarchies of Marketing

Marketing isn’t right Not satisfactory? Marketing be doing more? Find out how to optimise your marketing here!

Facts about business that just might be the secret to success…

Better Sales from Marketing Business people share a lust for sales. Great sales! Extraordinary sales! Record-breaking sales. “How to get better sales” preoccupies them, drives them, absorbs them.  They pine for profitable sales, AND they crave sales that are as easy as possible. Business turned to academia… Economics couldn’t Economics couldn’t conjure up sales. AccountingContinue reading “Facts about business that just might be the secret to success…”

Have we abandoned the core root of all business success? (Or Just forgotten the truth?)

Too many marketing strategists believe their own BS! Pricing Strategy, Communications strategy, Online Strategy, branding strategy etc. isn’t genius… it is obvious, common sense that evolves out of the fact that perfect knowledge leads to perfect decisions. I’ve had an extraordinary number of commercial successes in my career, record-breaking ones… NOT because I am oneContinue reading “Have we abandoned the core root of all business success? (Or Just forgotten the truth?)”

Qantas – sad but true

A peer sent me this email. The subject line sad “Sad but true”… A man is alone in an airport lounge. A beautiful woman walks in and sits down at the table next to him. He decides because she’s wearing a uniform, she’s probably an off-duty flight attendant. So he decides to have a goContinue reading “Qantas – sad but true”

SMM: Why Marketing Theory now carries even MORE importance

The dynamics of the marketing world is now firmly ‘internet-centric’ .   At least ‘8 times more powerful than TV’ ever was, potentially more cost efficient on a cost per contact basis (although lack of skills means this does not yet hold true for many), able to target better than past media (skills allowing, again),Continue reading “SMM: Why Marketing Theory now carries even MORE importance”

So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…

So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…… If ONLY they knew how much they don’t know, when it comes to ‘marketing’. So many still think that “marketing” is “promotion”. Others perceive it as simply ‘selling’. Dangerous CEO’s think marketing is just ‘fluff’. Companies that have leaders with this perception are ultimately doomed… proven infinitely,Continue reading “So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…”

Frustration is viral

Frustration is a viral sentiment spreading throughout the global business community, “How do you find executive management who can truly achieve results, embrace cutting-edge methods and implement bold new ways to succeed?” Business success comes not by natural intuition, through costly mistakes, charismatic diplomacy or knowing the ‘right’ people. (This attitude has, and continues to,Continue reading “Frustration is viral”

What about the future?

Many businesses reach the height of their success just before they expire. Why? Under the operational umbrella, they they have learned rights and wrongs, developed an understanding for their strengths and weaknesses, developed quality networks, and streamlined efficiencies. Under the strategic umbrella, leadership and management are starved of skills. Ignorance, being blissful – until thingsContinue reading “What about the future?”

Why I eat breakfast that tastes of Kerosene

After 40 years of working in “marketing”, much of it FMCG, lots of B2C and nearly as much B2B, I have observed how few senior executives (even those with ‘marketing’ qualifications) actually recognise the power of segmentation. This morning I sat down to eat my breakfast… almost wincing at the foul taste of my GoodnessContinue reading “Why I eat breakfast that tastes of Kerosene”