Why So Many Huge Companies are Floundering in the Digital Age.

I explain the detailed reasons “why” in my book, “The Four Faces of Marketing” which readers can download below… but summarily, Companies aren’t “good” or “bad” it’s their decision-making leaders that are the important variable!

In larger companies like P&G, Unilever & General Mills, those with operational skills are promoted to strategic positions where they simply don’t have the tools… they are smart, street wise and intuitive, convergent thinkers, but lacking in knowledge and missing the ability to think divergently… They’re like Nokia’s execs, believing, “We did everything right” when they are doing too much wrong… They’re performing “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” management routines… with extraordinary high salaries, and the major shareholders of similar ilk are blind to their shortcomings.

Until these Companies nurture balance in their “Hierarchies of Marketing” they’ll continue to flounder.

Old Warren Buffet really nailed the curse of Corporate Business when he coined the term, “Corporate Cancer” and identified his “ABC’s”… When companies exhibit Arrogance, Bureaucracy and Complacency, they’re either done for, or in for a LOT of pain!

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confused business leaders

Many great executives lose sleep every night wondering “what am I doing wrong?”

Any decent marketing strategist KNOWS that the two most powerful tools in strategic marketing are segmentation and differentiation, and when to use the right tool.

Clearly no-one has told the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, or they simply are not listening to their marketing advisors!

Instead, they are looking for gimmicks, fads, and features to add to phones in a desperate grab for market share that must pale into insignificance only to nurture short product life cycles and low profit results.

Oh, pride cometh before  a fall and many will say that the smug arrogance of Nokia rightfully deserves the punishment of cruel markets and suffering return on equity.

For me, I see such awful, weak and unproductive inefficiencies in the panicked flurry of differentiation, and ridiculous broadening of product portfolios, that the inefficiencies make my head spin.

Hopefully, none of the mobile phone executives that are destined to failure, end up in Toyota or VW… otherwise we’ll see a new model car every week, with a selection of different size petrol tanks, coloured steering wheels, shaped rear-vision mirrors and new indicator signal sounds that will only lead to consumer confusion and escalating costs.

One decent segmentation study per country and they’d be raking in the bucks with no more than 5 models, routinely revised… had they done this 10 yeras ago, they’d be so much better off and Apple would never had caught them with their pants down…

Well at least the mobile phone giants are not alone, but that’s for another post 🙂