Both academically, and commercially, Pricing Strategy is poorly understood.

Pricing is not a skill that is commonly well taught or well implemented – either in Australia or globally.

Even many known and vocal “pricing experts” fail to deliver much more than Pricing “tactics” and implementation methods, pricing debate and model interpretation, rather than empowering you with key Pricing Strategy for senior management decision-making that creates enduring profits.

Which is why I am conducting my upcoming Pricing Strategy Workshops, one only B2C Pricing Workshop on August 21 & 22, and one only B2B Pricing Workshop on August 23 & 24, in Shanghai.

These workshops are genuinely SO IMPORTANT, particularly for CMO’s, Marketing Directors, CEO’s COO’s and aspiring corporate leaders. They are unlike Pricing workshops you may have been exposed to before… they are the connective tissue between pricing and corporate governance, and unless your pricing is perfect, you’ll hone real value by attending.

In these workshops, the key issues, methods and functions of strategic pricing will be addressed, so executives can confidently embrace and apply real pricing strategy and innovative pricing approaches that could revolutionise their businesses and create metamorphic improvement in profit outcomes.

With many Pricing Strategy “experts” focused on operational, rather than strategic, issues… Pricing Strategy has often be seen to be simplistic and “light-on”, often relegated to the Finance or Accounting department, or subject to pressure from sales-driven executives, eager to achieve volume budgets, at the cost of profit margin.

These workshops will turn that approach on its head and open your minds to new thought, perception and paths to success that might otherwise stay hidden indefinitely.

I’d urge anyone who has senior marketing responsibility to join me.

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I haven’t delivered this type of workshop since 2014, and there’s fresh material as well as topic matter than inspired past attendees from companies like Nestle, Subway, Dell and others. In fact, a delegate to my last workshop, who now heads up the global management teams for supply chain, said, “Your Pricing Strategy workshop was one of the best marketing strategy workshops I have ever attended!”

There are already some interesting delegates booked in … why not come and add extra dimension and deal with YOUR pricing issues?


Those of us, formally trained in Strategic Planning, can distinguish between ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’. We also know how and when to alter strategy, the importance of monitoring the market, watching trends and being deeply aware of life cycle, segmentation, product categorization and other strategic marketing models that many business executives simply ‘glaze over’ to, whenever these topics are discussed.

It is clear that Apple has the best of the best operational folk money can buy, and an appalling lack of strategic nous.

This is demonstrated by two glaringly weak strategic activities:

  1. the regression to Type I (continuous) innovation in its new product development (phones & macs), and the debatable wisdom of its only recent Type II (dynamically continuous) innovation. (iWatch)
  2. Pricing Strategy that is devoid of strategy, ignorant of segmentation shifts, that clearly undermines Apple’s future and growth.

I’ll leave the nature of innovation to another day… but Apple’s PRICING STRATEGY is in dire straights!

Yes, price skimming and profit gouging works in certain circumstances, but even naive marketing graduates understand cascade down pricing strategy.

Apple MUST be shouting down commentary from within about ‘value-based’ pricing, about elasticity of demand, about market development theory, or even when confronted by competition analysis.

Some VERY WEAK senior management must be at the helm to maintain the strategies of last year, when it is in fact THIS year!

When you observe, “it has always worked this way, way change it”, or “If its not broken, don’t fix it” in the halls of power… you know the empire is crumbling.

But Apple’s Pricing Strategy right now is building a road for Apple to end up where it was in the mid 90’s…

Apple needs HUGE strategy, NOW!

SOMEONE, needs to go in and identify their true PRESENT capabilities, not past ones.

SOMEONE needs to REALLY grasp the needs and wants of TODAY’S market, and tomorrow’s market, not yesterday’s.

SOMEONE needs to align and engage the whole corporation with love and passion for NOW, not yesterday’s.

SOMEONE needs to bake some humility into the APPLE pie!

Think about this…

Apple has cost leadership strengths, economies of scale, and brand preference (marketing advantage) … Why the f^&* are they still price skimming when they could own the market by by pursuing price advantage?

Their insistence on maintaining their 20th century pricing policies, have created massive competition, made the industry easy for nee entrants, built sufficient margin for others to establish brand equity, and (effectively) brought on high competitive rivalry that didn’t need to be there!

I defy ANY APPLE EXECUTIVE to show me complete and hard evidence that their pricing strategy is nothing short of ludicrous in today’s market… and even if they COULD present a case, I’d probably challenge the validity of the research.

But, mark my words, if Apple maintains premium pricing you will see decay of market share, better and more potent competition, and Apple’s slow fading into insignificance and decline.