Dec 17, 2013, the Australian Newspaper reported that Qantas blames rivals for market share drop on routes to Australia.

It must be like ‘death by 1001 cuts’ for Qantas shareholders as the slow realisation that current Management are incompetent.

COMPETENT management would KNOW that the Qantas brand has developed Diminishing Brand Loyalty.

COMPETENT management outclasses its competitors, but doesn’t blame them or use them as an excuse.

COMPETENT management doesn’t lose market share and find excuses…

COMPETENT management wins market share by efficient application of marketing effort and skill, as well as superior product/brand positioning.

Of course, the greatest incompetence has to c=go to the shareholders themselves, clearly bereft of business skills, not to have replaced existing Qantas management already.

How badly does Qantas REALLY have to perform before someone realises the emperor is not wearing any clothes?


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