Why You Cannot Afford Silos between Sales & Marketing

What Factors Make Sales People Successful? I recently shared a Linked In comment, and in my keynote presentations and workshops discuss, a large & intense formal commercial study of selling skills, that showed only two significantly important factors determine a sales person’s success… How hard salespeople work (calls, preparation, & face-to-face time in front ofContinue reading “Why You Cannot Afford Silos between Sales & Marketing”

So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…

So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…… If ONLY they knew how much they don’t know, when it comes to ‘marketing’. So many still think that “marketing” is “promotion”. Others perceive it as simply ‘selling’. Dangerous CEO’s think marketing is just ‘fluff’. Companies that have leaders with this perception are ultimately doomed… proven infinitely,Continue reading “So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…”

What’s Sales got to do with It?

Entering my local Coles store, recently, a young woman manning a Wholesale Kitchens promotional booth approached, promoting kitchen sales. Rewarded for the number of leads she generated, she was thrilled I was ready to upgrade my kitchen. I filled out a lengthy details form, requesting an appointment time of 8:30am Monday morning, to allow theContinue reading “What’s Sales got to do with It?”