So many businesses could boom beyond all expectations…
… If ONLY they knew how much they don’t know, when it comes to ‘marketing’.

So many still think that “marketing” is “promotion”. Others perceive it as simply ‘selling’. Dangerous CEO’s think marketing is just ‘fluff’.

Companies that have leaders with this perception are ultimately doomed… proven infinitely, too often, by companies, businesses, brands and products that ‘fail’.
In fact, companies, businesses, brands and products do NOT fail, management does!

But try telling the naïve, the ignorant and the uninformed: They don’t know how, if they’d only opened their minds, the bulletproof armour that ‘true’ marketing provides.

The complexity of this problem is exacerbated by the fact that too few senior executives were exposed to advanced marketing study at tertiary level, and that TOO MANY were so badly taught by so many inept academics, that the power of marketing methods was never revealed, ad that many students at University were so focussed on finishing their full-time degree and getting a job that they too quickly forgot the advanced skills they were taught much sooner in their careers than when they were called upon to use these skills.

When you cross-pollinate the additional issue of operational knowledge vs. academic knowledge (industry specific knowledge vs. strategic theory) the issue of corporate (and personal) arrogance raises its ugly head.

A common example of this is strategy problems that could easily be solved by product typing.

Take, for example, the B2C model of product type.
If you are selling guttering, time-share, insurance, or any other unsought good, the ‘rules’ say awareness is key. Too many guttering, all time-share and struggling insurance businesses don’t even grasp this!

Then, those that do don’t understand segmentation must be bought to turn this knowledge into profitable strategy development. Then, those that can, don’t have the acumen to brief, commission, or recognise good marketing research in terms of a segmentation study… and THAT’S assuming their management will empower them with enough funding to acquire this knowledge.

Then the organisation may not have adequately skilled people to interpret the research, brief and control the creative development in marketing communications, exercise scientific management of media variables (weight, reach, timing, competitive response, etc.) or the management of channels, production, product portfolio, pricing, people, processes, positioning, etc.

What happens in almost every industry is the LEAST WORSE battle for major market share, the completely devoid of know-how battle for crumbs.

IF a company flukes or actually plans using advanced, integrated strategic marketing, they end up with ‘unnatural’ marketing share levels of 80% plus… long term!
Look at Coke, Mars, McDonalds, and P&G: Companies embracing marketing scientists & enjoying the benefits.

Look at Ansett, FAI, thousands of SME’s that collapse annually… victims of their own refusal to believe they need marketing science.

Imagine a world where businesses, NFP’s and government bodies actually were truly marketing led and managed… utopia!


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Entering my local Coles store, recently, a young woman manning a Wholesale Kitchens promotional booth approached, promoting kitchen sales.
Rewarded for the number of leads she generated, she was thrilled I was ready to upgrade my kitchen. I filled out a lengthy details form, requesting an appointment time of 8:30am Monday morning, to allow the kitchen sales person undivided attention.
A few days later another person called back, confirmed the appointment, and why it had to be at that particular time and day.
The next day the “Sales Manager” called back and said “we can’t see you – that’s when we have our weekly sales meeting”.
Despite my circumstances and other commitments, he would not allow hs sales meeting 8:30 am Monday morning appointment.
The kitchen budget was $25,000. He refused to allow his salesman to attend their appointment with me.
Curious, I telephoned the sales company at 8:35 am that Monday morning… and the telephone rang off… too committed to a sales meeting to answer the phone?
So I called their national head office, a 1800 number, and a automated message said… “our office hours are from 8:30 am please ring back or leave a message”… it was 8:45 am when I rang.
Business MUST be great for Wholesale Kitchens – imagine if SERVICE entered the vocabulary of their management team or if they employed a professional marketing executive!