Industry Associations: Will They Fail?

For the first time in many years, industry associations need to step up and prove themselves worthy! As member driven organisations, representative associations who count businesses as members, need to address their responsibilities to their members. With the  social upheaval of the “Covid era”, existing markets and their segments have changed… New markets with unknownContinue reading “Industry Associations: Will They Fail?”

Who’s to Blame When the Mighty Fall: A Qantas Story

Has COVID-19 inadvertently exposed the truth about Qantas Management or does it say more about its shareholders? In the wake of COVID-19, many companies have panicked; reacted conservatively or closed down… thrown their hands up in misery and blamed the corona epidemic for their demise. Could it be though, that the slant towards the operationalContinue reading “Who’s to Blame When the Mighty Fall: A Qantas Story”

The Worst of Australian Corporate Governance – A #Target Story

The headlines are reading #Target failed… but the TRUTH is their board of directors failed to perform… They must have known three years ago this was on its way… they sat there and watched, doing nothing proactive to stop it… more than corporate incompetence, this is criminal corporate neglect! Good Corporate Governance is NOT killingContinue reading “The Worst of Australian Corporate Governance – A #Target Story”

Do Airlines Qantas & Virgin DESERVE any Help?

The ONLY people that Qantas & Virgin SHOULD be sacking are the incumbent Board of Directors! The lack of strategic competence demonstrated by the Board and executive management of Qantas and Virgin is NOT new. American Rail ignored change in the demand for transport when cars went into mass production: Instead of adapting, they threwContinue reading “Do Airlines Qantas & Virgin DESERVE any Help?”

Are Qantas and Virgin Bosses Failures?

Are the RIGHT people in Qantas and Virgin equipped to be in charge? The lack of strategic competence by the Board and executive of Qantas and Virgin is NOT new. American Rail ignored change in the demand for transport when cars went into mass production: Instead of adapting, they threw their hands up and said,Continue reading “Are Qantas and Virgin Bosses Failures?”

The Biggest Mistake in Business for the Last 100 years?

The 21st Century’s Most Costly Business Mistake? Probably the most expensive mistake of the 21st century is perceiving marketing as meaning advertising and promotion. How the business-world came to close itself off from the science of marketing strategy, the vast and rich knowledge base that makes profitable businesses spark and explode, is a matter ofContinue reading “The Biggest Mistake in Business for the Last 100 years?”

Huge Influencer Marketing Webinar Might be “the ticket”.

What is “Influencer Marketing”? It only took Forbes 3500 years after the activity was first employed to discover “Influencer Marketing”… or so you might assume if you read a recent Forbes article published that insinuated the concept is radical, breakthrough and new. It is such an awkward and silly expression, but curiously adopted by theContinue reading “Huge Influencer Marketing Webinar Might be “the ticket”.”

A Lighter Side Look at Management Terms*

Delegate: Pass the buck Pending: What the hell do we do with this? Delayed: Forgotten Urgent: Panic Extreme Urgency: Blind Panic Frank and open discussion: Flaming row Analytical projection: Guess Forecast: Guess Long Range Forecast: Wild guess Scheduled: Hoped for Deficiency Analysis: Pointing the finger Ambitious: Ruthless Strategy: Low cunning Shrewd: Devious Profit: Profit ProfitContinue reading “A Lighter Side Look at Management Terms*”

What are corporate marketing strategies?

By Leigh Cowan, CEO of Leadership Empowerment I was recently asked, “What are corporate marketing strategies?” so thought I’d share a summarial answer my own blog. A properly led company starts and grows because it has a defined focused and clear PURPOSE. It embraces a VISION and undertakes a MISSION to strive for the achievementContinue reading “What are corporate marketing strategies?”

Why You Cannot Afford Silos between Sales & Marketing

Originally posted on The Marketing Blog for Advanced Marketers:
What Factors Make Sales People Successful? I recently shared a Linked In comment, and in my keynote presentations and workshops discuss, a large & intense formal commercial study of selling skills, that showed only two significantly important factors determine a sales person’s success… How hard salespeople…

The Missing Skill of a chief human resources officer (CHRO) or chief people officer (CPO)?

The Co-dependency Between HR, Recruitment & Marketing The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis Remains – Why? Yes, 60+% of employees are unengaged: 50% of them due to their boss, 34% because they don’t know or understand their employer’s mission & vision! BUT is this because 95% of leaders do not know the true meaning of #marketing?Continue reading “The Missing Skill of a chief human resources officer (CHRO) or chief people officer (CPO)?”

“Digital Marketers”: The New Flat-Earth Society?

What is “Marketing”? Many so-called “Digital Marketers” believe that marketing is a synonym for advertising and promotion. That’s OK… if they focus on the implementation of online promotional tactics AND IF those tactics follow genuinely valid marketing strategies set by someone who understands the true meaning of the word, “Marketing”. I am occasionally attacked byContinue reading ““Digital Marketers”: The New Flat-Earth Society?”

A Tear for Coles & Woolworths

Poor WW & Coles – Hard Frustrating Unsatisfying! Spare a moment of sympathy for executives, senior management, C-suite leaders and directors of Woolworths and Coles. Yes, they get paid well but at what cost? For decades they have suffered in absence of the wisdom of the ages, best summarized by legendary strategist, Sun Tzu, whoContinue reading “A Tear for Coles & Woolworths”